Principle of test

The Sulfonamides (SAs15) ELISA Test Kit is based on a competitive colorimetric ELISA assay.

The plate wells are coated with capture antibodies directed against anti- sulfonamide antibodies. Sulfonamide standards or sample solution, sulfonamide–HRP conjugate and anti-sulfonamide antibodies are added. Free sulfonamide and sulfonamide-HRP Conjugate compete for the sulfonamide antibody binding sites. At the same time, the anti- sulfonamide antibodies are also bound by the immobilized capture antibodies. Any unbound sulfonamide-HRP Conjugate is then removed in a washing step. Take coloration with TMB substrate. The samples A value is an inverse relationship with SAs residue content. Lastly, compared with the standard curve can be concluded the SAs15 residues in sample.

Technique Data

Kit sensitivity: 0.5 ppb(ng/ml)

reactive mode: 25℃, 45min~15min


Storage conditions

The kit shall be stored at [2-8 ℃]. Expiry date: 12 months

The opened Microelisa Stripplate can be stored at [2-8 ℃] and avoid damp. Use for at least 2 months.